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Babydoll Sheep

The name says it all... Babydoll sheep look like a cute child's doll - right down to the smile!

A popular breed for petting zoos due to their easy nature and lack of horns. Wool has a relatively short staple length and feels similar to cashmere. All our breeding stock are NABSSAR-registered.

Now taking deposits for 2019 lambs


Kune Kune Pigs

The word kunekune means 'fat and round' in the Māori language but these fun little pigs have adapted just fine to Woodstock, Illinois. 

We have registered AKKPS and AKPR breeding stock available for purchase with
Te Whangi / Awakino bloodlines

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Newton takes a walk

outside the fence


Maps & Directions

Our 1920's Chicago Northwestern caboose sitting on 40' of steel track

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