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"I never envisioned HillBunker Farms as it is today, and can only dream of how it will be transformed as we learn and grow.  My journey began as an 8 or 9-year old girl, sitting with my dad in a movie theatre watching the original animated version of Charlotte's Web.  I never wanted to be a farmer, I just wanted to be Fern... I came as close as I possible could growing up in a small suburban home, much to the chagrin of my mother.  If it was furry and homeless, it had a place with me.  (Not that I could fault my mother for opposing rabbits, rats, and the like secretly residing in my bedroom closet.)

My first farm was more of a sanctuary than a farm.  I continued to welcome the homeless and unwanted and added an odd assortment of misfit canines, felines, equines, and caprines.  I obtained my wildlife rehabilitation license and cared for orphaned raccoons, squirrels, and rabbits.  But something was missing.  Enter Damon Hill.  This good-looking, city-bound young man headed for a loft in downtown Chicago completed me... and our farm.

The farm became more of a real farm, a place where bodies and souls could find nourishment and fulfillment.  Every day I am in awe observing the symbiotic relationship that can be found between humans, animals, and plants.  And every day I give thanks to God for allowing me to experience it.

Our mission here is simple: we strive to provide healthy food for our family, friends, and community without the use of pesticides, non-organic fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics, or GMO's.  We treat our animals with kindness, dignity, and respect.  God trusted mankind with an amazing gift when He gave us the Earth and we strive to preserve and nourish that gift." - Michele Hill


"Farming is a wonderful lifestyle. I say that because farming is less of a job or a hobby... since trying to farm in either manner will still result in farming adjusting your entire worldview. Spend just a little time on a farm... working hard, playing harder, and enjoying God's creation with friends and like-minded folks.  

The passage of time begins to disconnect with any calendar and you become more in-tune with the seasons, which after all, is how humans have been telling time for thousands of years before watches and smartphones. Spend enough time on a farm and you begin to remember your connection to the earth and everything living in it. I say remember because the experience is less like learning something you didn't know, but more re-awakening a deep memory you never knew existed. Bees, flowers, soil, plants, animals. The flavors of fresh tomatoes and grilled herbs, the warm woodsy smell of freshly-turned compost, the sounds of chickens and perhaps a tractor in the distance... there's a certain familiarity to it all.

Perhaps some genetic instinct deeply programmed within our agrarian lineage? Perhaps something more? Perhaps something much more. Regardless... farming stirs the soul. It makes you think, it makes you smile, and is universally rewarding. We thank you for supporting us and we look forward to sharing this adventure with you." - Damon Hill

We hope you enjoy our story, our products, and the fun here at HillBunker Farms.